Tour de France Collection

Ready for anything. On or off bike.

Notabag’s origins on a bicycle have led us on an incredible journey, mirroring the challenges and triumphs of a race. This collection celebrates the legendary Tour de France and bike culture.

The design embodies the spirit of the competition. Our team approached the creative process by reimagining the Tour de France experience. We explored reinterpreting various elements connected to the toughest bicycle race on the planet.

We began with the hero: featuring a committed cyclist, iconic red polka dots, and interconnected roads of various stages.

Allez! Allez! Allez!

The design behind the pattern

Inspired by the most recognizable elements of the Tour de France. We decided to focus on the hero of the race: the cyclist.

After several variations we reached a version that’s simple yet captures a special moment. The posture indicates focus, intensity and velocity, yet retains an approachable and playful element.

Ride the roads and walk the streets with the Notabag Tour de France collection.

Official Tour de France Product

The idea for Notabag was born on a bike, and this Tour de France collection brings it full circle to its origin.

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