The 3-in-1 Bag: Tote, Backpack & Pouch

Notabag Original

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The smaller version of our Notabag Original

Notabag Mini

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One bag, three ways to carry it.

Notabag Duffel

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We are driven by the idea that functionally useful products improve our lives. We believe in the beauty of simplicity and power of intuitive design.

Our classics in different styles

Notabag Original

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One bag, three ways to carry it

Notabag Duffel


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Yes, we are very flattered.

“…the versatile brilliance of this basic idea ensures that it will become one of your favorites..”

“This smart transforming tote is the only grocery bag you’ll ever need.”

“Notabag’s design is innovative because it allows the product to transform itself in the simplest way possible.”

“Ruckzuck Rucksack.”

“Incredibly practical.”

“Made me look — what a fun gift! Also, they make reflective ones, for you bikers out there!”

“The most glorious everyday companion of the month.”

Introducing Notabag Duffel

It’s here. And just as the Notabag Original, it’s about to make things a whole lot easier—for gym enthusiasts, bikers, travelers and everybody who loves functionality wrapped in a beautiful design. 

View our lookbook and get inspired!