Hello World Collection

Join us for a trip around the world with the Hello World Collection and let us take you to places you’ve been longing for.

The Hello World Notabag features monuments from our favorite places around the globe. The intricate design brings faraway sites such as the Opera House from Sydney or Sagrada Familia from Barcelona to life.

Each of these evokes feelings of familiarity or brings back memories of past travels. The individual monuments blend together and form a beautiful unity that symbolizes what our world is all about.


Agra—Taj Mahal
Barcelona—Sagrada Familia
Beijing—Forbidden City
Berlin—Brandenburg Gate & TV Tower
Dubai—Burj Al Arab
London—Big Ben & Piccadilly Circus
Moscow—St Basil’s Cathedral
New York—Empire State Building
Paris—Eiffel Tower & Musee D’Orsay
Sydney—Opera House
Vienna—State Opera

Join us on our journey and say “Hello” to the world! 

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The Design Duo

The Hello World Collection is a result of a collaboration with The City Works. Founded by Sylvia Moritz and Rowan Ottesen, The City Works is a contemporary souvenirs brand based in Vienna.

They created the Hello World design with the goal of illustrating every point of interest from around the world in an effort to remind us of its togetherness, and how charmingly complex it can be. These sophisticated cityscapes make the perfect memento, whether for the seasoned traveller, or those who still have exploring left to do.

More information about the design duo: www.thecity.works


Photography Credits:
Image of Berlin: Andreas Kind
Lifestyle images in Berlin: Franziska Kuttler
Image of Barcelona: Herr Bohn
Lifestyle images in Barcelona: Barcelona Travel Girls
Image of New York: Jonathan Riley
Lifestyle images in New York: Jorge Rojas
Image of Sylvia and Rowan: The City Works