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As of July 2020, the German government implemented a 3% temporary VAT (value-added tax) reduction. When passed on, this results in a general price decrease of about 2.5% on many goods. We made the decision to use this 2.5% price difference towards the greater good.

This means you will not see a change in our prices. Instead, we will dedicate the 2.5% difference from purchases (excluding shipping) made on to support the Pristine Earth Collective (PEC). PEC is a South African NGO catalyst for the new plastics economy formed by a group of concerned citizens, who are working on identifying, connecting and accelerating solutions to the plastics crisis in our oceans.

Pristine Earth Collective 

Why not pass it on to the price?

Our mission is to create quality products that simplify daily life while increasing our positive impact on the environment. We see the VAT reduction as an opportunity to bring this to life with our community in a tangible way. We also believe that consumers who choose to purchase Notabag products share similar values and strive to make eco-conscious choices when possible. It can be difficult to make a big impact as an individual or a single brand, but we are sure that together we can make a difference.

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What is the goal?

Together with you and PEC, we want to use this opportunity to address one of the biggest issues of today: the pollution of our planet’s waters. PEC aims to see no single-use plastic going into South African landfills and oceans by 2025. Their approach of collaboration, acceleration, and activism, together with your and our support, will protect life-giving oceans and preserve the planet for future generations.

Which purchases will qualify?

All final purchases that are made directly on will contribute towards the 2.5%. Since the does not fall under this temporary VAT adjustment, they will not be included.

What is the 3% reduction about and how is the 2.5% calculated?

As part of the COVID-19 economic stimulus package, the German government is temporarily reducing the VAT from 19% to 16% until December 2020. VAT is included in the final price you pay as a consumer on our webshop (excluding shipping). For example, VAT of 19% on a €100 net price results in a €119 final price. When we apply 16% VAT instead of 19%, this results in a €3 price decrease, which means that €16 is paid to the tax office instead of €19. This €3 decrease is a price difference of about 2.5% from the original price (3÷119=0.0252).

What is next?

We will make sure to keep you up to date on this initiative. Keep an eye on our upcoming newsletters, social media, and blog posts for updates on the PEC activities.

In the meantime, make sure to check out their website: In case you have any questions contact us at

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