Limited Edition: The Tokyo Collection

Just in time for the Summer Olympics!

Our newest limited edition is here: the Tokyo Notabag.

We collaborated with The City Works to bring this unique Notabag to life. The Tokyo illustration captures the endless sprawl of head-turning high-rise buildings. Including icons like the Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, and Sensō-ji, the detailed cityscape also features the famous Mount Fuji far in the distance.

This limited edition from the Notabag x The City Works collaboration comes in 4 different colors:

Notabag Tokyo - Black

Notabag Tokyo - Mint

Notabag Tokyo - Red

Notabag Tokyo - Raw

Which one will you be wearing when following the Summer Olympic Games?

Limited quantities available. Shop full collection here.

The City Works

Founded by design duo Sylvia Moritz and Rowan Ottesen, The City Works is a contemporary souvenirs brand based in Vienna, Austria. You can learn more about them here.


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