Notabag in your city – Eindhoven

Notabag in your city: discovering Eindhoven with Ilaria Chiaratti

Ilaria Chiaratti is a photographer, interior stylist and content creator. Notabag caught her eye at the Show Up event in Amsterdam and that’s where our collaboration began. 

Design and innovation are embedded into the very core of Notabag. After all, the Notabag founder, Adnan Alicusic, began his career in graphic design. As a team we appreciate building relationships with individuals like Ilaria, whose work also reflects passion for design and creative innovation.   

Eindhoven, a technology and design hub in south of The Netherlands, is known for its innovative nature. We are excited to discover it from Ilaria’s perspective and see how the city and Notabag fit into her creative lifestyle!

Q & A with Ilaria:

Where in Eindhoven are you taking us and why?
We are discovering the Strijp-S neighborhood in Eindhoven. The former industrial park belonged to Philips and in the past 20 years creative companies and housing have been established in the former industrial buildings.

I love this area! It's vibrant, innovative and creative. 

How does the design vibe come through in Eindhoven?
Eindhoven is one of the most important European cities when it comes to design. The Design Academy is well known for the quality of the program and people from all over the world apply to study here. Moreover, every year in October, the Dutch Design Week is held in Eindhoven with an array of Design-related events. Piet Hein Eek has its own headquarter right here and former industrial buildings are now dedicated to design companies, like the Sectie C area.

How do your surroundings inspire you?
Eindhoven is a rather small city compared to Amsterdam for example, but it offers a wide range of festivals of any kind, creative initiatives and art events. 

And it's surrounded by woods, so you can have both a day in the city or a walk into the silence. And this is what I like the most, this balance. I can be inspired by seeing an event at Strijp S or by a bike ride in the woods with my family.

What do you like about Notabag?
I love the flexibility and the simple but effective design. It can be used by the whole family and I especially appreciate the new dots and stripes patterns. And it's super useful when I ride the cargo bike, my hands are free, and I don't have to worry about the bag!

Any other notes/comments you would like to add?
I have to admit that Notabag is happily used by the whole family. My husband is using the red version for himself every time he goes out with the kids and they love their small version too! So, approved and recommended by all of us!

For more from Ilaria Chiaratti check out her IG: @idainteriorlifestyle

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