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Opening Notabag's first flagship store

You may wonder why we are opening our first flagship store in the middle of the pandemic. The truth is, we want to be connected. Notabag was born in Frankfurt, and it has traveled the world for almost 10 years. Over the years, Notabag's journey was supported and accompanied by friends, family & fans.

Our flagship store is providing us with a great opportunity to finally receive face-to-face feedback from our customers and thus stay in touch with the Frankfurt community.  

Opening Event – Hot or cold? Our last-minute save.

We hammered, painted, and the renovation dust quickly settled. The invitations were sent, and preparations were made carefully. Finally, on the 20th of November, we opened the first Notabag flagship store in Frankfurt.

While blowing up the balloons for the opening party in the morning, we reflected on all the energy, thoughts, and effort we put into the store:

It all started with an empty store location, not too far from our office – it was on the street where we daily get our favorite coffee. We teamed up with the talented Frankfurt-based interior and furniture design company Eberhardt Objects. The dynamic between us was spot-on from the get-go. Steffen Eberhardt immediately understood what we were looking for and created a beautiful store concept that matches the Notabag DNA.

Frankfurt Flagship Store
One hour before the store opening as our friends from Quarantini Gin started to heat up the Glüh Gin & children’s punch for the guests, the music stopped, the Wi-Fi and the store lights went off and the Glüh Gin stayed cold. We had a power outage. But luckily, our neighbor & store designer Eberhardt Objects did the last-minute save. Heavily loaded with extension cables, he saved our store opening event. So as our friends, family, and partners arrived in the afternoon, we sipped delicious drinks and enjoyed the opening of the first Notabag flagship store.

Come say hi!

Our store is in a lively shopping street in Frankfurt City, the Oeder Weg. In between concept stores, coffee shops, designers, hairdressers, and restaurants, Notabag is adding colorful patterns to the street.

Viewed from distance in the dark, our store is calling you to come inside, giving you cozy vibes. Its warm colors shine through the big windows, illuminating the surrounding. As you step inside, you will be guided by our minimalistic design, inviting you to dive into the world of Notabags colors and patterns. In the heart of our store, there is the is our big counter, offering enough space to discover different products and to experience the material of Notabags.

So come say hi, here are our opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 12pm – 6pm
Saturday: 11am – 5pm

Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Find us here:  
Oeder Weg 38-40 
60318 Frankfurt 

View more store images!

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