Behind The Scenes: Notabag Spring/Summer 2016

To celebrate our favourite seasons of the year, we have teamed up with the talented photographer Andrés Calderon from Colombia to create a conceptual representation of the Notabag product.

Notabag Peach/Grey

We were drawn to Andrés’ conceptual and paper sculpting work, so we had a sense for a direction we wanted to go. We started brainstorming how to combine Notabag’s characteristics and the spirit of spring in a playful way.

Paper Sculpting Andrés Calderon for Notabag

Andrés proposed sketches introduced a spirit that takes you on a journey to experience the features on Notabag transformation.

Notabag Concept Sketches

Paper Sculpting Andrés Calderon

We were in love with the proposed concept and couldn't wait to see the end results, which turned out to be stunning. 

Notabag Peach S/S 2016 Notabag Yellow/Grey S/S 2016

Notabag  S/S 2016

Notabag Mint S/S 2016

We LOVE collaborating with talented people, and this is a great example of a successful team work. Andrés and his team managed to go beyond our expectations and deliver something very magical!

Creative direction/Ph/Set design: Andrés Calderón @andrescalderonphoto
Art/Production assistant: Tatiana Velásquez @tata.velasquez3
PH Assistants: Johan Beltrán @johanf1.1; Luis Martínez @luismartinezf1
Digital retouching: @RafaSeoanes
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