Eine Tasche, drei Tragemöglichkeiten.

Ob für Sport oder Reisen, unser Duffel bietet minimalen Funktionen für maximale Nützlichkeit.

Notabag Duffe 

You’re running late. You’ve packed your bag and your wallet has fallen somewhere between your clothes — along with your bike keys and phone.

You want to take extra shoes with you, but you don’t have a plastic bag to put them in.

You get on your bike and your duffel bag keeps slipping off your shoulder no matter how much you grapple with its multiple straps.

Now imagine that none of these problems exist. Your wallet, keys and phone are always at hand when you open your bag. Your shoes have their own ventilated compartment. With one pull on the strap, you can swing your bag onto your back.

Welcome the Notabag Duffel: minimalist design with maximum usefulness. It features our classic multifunctional strap so you can carry your bag in your hand, over your shoulder or on your back. 

Eine Tasche, drei Tragemöglichkeiten.

Notabag Duffel