Notabag + Marija Mandic




We are introducing the new Notabag + Artists collection, featuring the talented artist Marija Mandic. This is a very special collection, as for this project each Notabag has been individually hand painted by the artist and intended to contribute to a good cause.





We are explorers.
We are dreamers.
We are inventors – we can even fly to the moon.

But, no matter how far our journey takes us, at some point we all come back home. Our beautiful planet Earth is our home and we need to make sure to take care of it.

Our message To The Moon and Back is dedicated to our planet Earth and to preserving our precious mother nature.





Each Notabag is one of a kind, as each of them has been individually hand painted by Marija Mandic. It is a piece of art and no two Notabags are alike.

With that said, the Notabag you will receive will not be exactly as pictured here. The color of the Notabag and the color of the silk screen print will be the same as shown in the product description.

There are 7 color & print combinations, each available in limited quantities. Every Notabag has the unique artistic touch and expression that exists only once. Let it be surprise, as it is meant to be yours!




The global impact of art is not only a reflection of our cultural exchange, but also a tool of our consciousness, which breaks the barriers making the invisible worlds visible. Being an artist is a kind of challenge as well, finding the connection between the physical and spiritual expression of emotions, experiencing how to be able to create in the space which is beyond our mind.

Wearing the symbols and messages as an artistic expression, represents for me our soul power in being independent, authentic and unique self. You can not learn your soul potential, but you can find it inside of you as your own dynamic power, which makes a change. We are all talented to make a positive change, especially in feeding our beautiful planet with awareness, gratitude and love, giving this world the best version of our selves on earth.

We should let it awaken us, dissolving ourselves in this inner embrace. Art is all about collective vibration in so many ways!

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Each of the 7 color & print combinations is available in limited quantities.



Video: Harry Meister 
Video Edit: Jasmina Striga