This was our year 2020

Dear Notabag friends,

We would like to take a moment to look back at the year that is coming to an end.

It has been a year like no other. The new challenges it brought helped us develop in ways we did not expect. It also reinforced what we hold dear: relationships, community, value-and-need driven innovation.

Even though it wasn’t always easy, as 2020 unfolded we persevered through our challenges with compassion, creativity, teamwork, and the support of our community. We are proud to say that we continued to deliver on our mission to create quality products that simplify daily life while increasing our positive impact on the environment.

We would like to thank you for your support. Whether it was a follow, like or comment on a social media post, a purchase, a review or feedback that you took time to write – we appreciate each gesture.

So, before we officially begin the year ahead, here is a recap of a few ‘difficult but worth-it’ moments from 2020:

New Collections
Spring/Summer 2020 collection launched in April introducing pattern to our portfolio. We are glad to see that it was well received and look forward to playing in this arena in the future.

Hello World collection was just the right approach for the time we are in. As leisure travelling was out of question for the majority of global population, the Hello World Notabag launched in September ready to take you to places you’ve been longing for and to remind us of our unity. 

We worked with various creatives to bring the story of the Hello World Notabag to life and provide them with a platform to showcase their creativity. We collaborated with the City Works to create a Notabag featuring monuments from around the globe. As they come together in the detailed design, they form a beautiful unity, symbolizing what our world is all about.

3% for clean waters
When the German government decided to introduce the economic stimulus package and implement the temporary 3% VAT reduction, we chose to use this difference towards the greater good. Instead of passing on the price reduction, we dedicated the 2.5% price difference from purchases (excluding shipping) made on to support the Pristine Earth Collective. PEC is a South African NGO catalyst for the new plastics economy formed by a group of concerned citizens, who are working on identifying, connecting and accelerating solutions to the plastics crisis in our oceans. 

Supporting our suppliers and partners
In times like this it is the natural instinct to cut down on any additional costs and remain under the radar until things get stable again. We decided not to do that.

We work with small, family owned production factories. And, throughout the years they have become more than our suppliers – they are our partners and an essential part of Notabag brand. It was important to us that we make sure not to let our suppliers down, as they heavily depend on us. Our production line continued to operate on a regular monthly basis as it did before, with a slight adjustment in production quantities. However, the most important fact is that neither our suppliers or their employees had to face the situation were they needed to question their existence.

Although we do not have our own retail locations, we know that Notabag would not be where it is without our retail partners. The lovely design and concept stores, bookshops, museums, and all the retail spaces that believe in Notabag enough to carry it in their space. As limitations came along we tried to support our partners as best we could. In addition to featuring them in our social media stories, we launched a store locator to help you shop local.

We are beyond grateful for the community we have amassed since the days of Kickstarter. We thank all our old and new friends for continuing to cheer us on, for using (and reusing) Notabag products, and for making a positive impact with us.

We wish you all a healthy and joyful holiday season and a positive outlook into the new year.

With sincere gratitude,

Your Notabag team


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