Create Moments for You!


Our latest color additions, Sand and Terracotta, invite you to create moments of calmness and connect with your natural creativity. Just like Tamara Pesic, the designer and ceramist behind the local, ceramic-based project, a pinch of salt.

We got a glimpse into how Tamara creates time to connect with her inner creativity and community when we shot our collection at her studio.


A calm morning
"I try to keep certain rituals for myself. When I wake up around 6 I first drink a glass of water and then I grind the beans for my first coffee that I always drink in my bed (I do this since I was a student). I love these familiar sounds and smells." 

An act of grounding
"I read a few pages or just take a moment longer for myself until I feel ready to start my day and get ready to bike to the studio." 

Take a step back
Sometimes it helps to just take a step away from work, whether it's just for a walk in the forest, a market stroll or a new place. Let that soak in for a bit and return with a fresh mind." 

Connect with Community
"Once or twice a week I try to take time to go to the farmers market in Offenbach, a place I really love (...) Community is essential for me, it's the foundation and backbone that I associate with genuine care, mutual support, sharing experiences and knowledge. But also a place that gives stability and meaning, where I can be vulnerable and fully true to myself and feel supported in my growth. It is also what enabled me to start my business in the middle of the pandemic. Community really is everything."


We loved seeing Tamara in action, interacting with the vendors at the market. Even as an observer, you could feel the genuine care and friendship that has been honed between them over the years.

We invite you to visit Tamara's studio ->

Choose your favorite from our newest collection and let it remind you each day to find a moment for you. View the entire collection here.

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