Add movement to your day!

Spring/Summer ’21 Collection is all about movement!

After a winter spent inside, it's time to try something new for your body and mind. You don’t need much, just basics that can fit in a Notabag. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  1. Take a walk outside. Pack a snack and a water bottle in your Notabag and explore nature or a new neighborhood.
  1. Try something new. A new activity such as rollerskating, jump rope, or hula hoop will stimulate your body and mind.
  1. Play a game. Get others to move with you by inviting them for a game of kubb, boules or badminton.

  2. Get inspired by your community. See below!

Real-life inspiration: a passionate roller skater and happy Notabag fan—Frances Ortiz

Frances (IG: Franister) was born and raised in Puerto Rico and moved to South Florida in 2014. In 2019, she decided to get serious about rollerskating and developed a passion for trail and distance skating. To keep her going, she started tracking her progress. With 500 miles in 2021 so far, she plans on hitting 2000 before the year ends. 

Q: Frances, what tips or advice would you give people who want to add more movement into their lives or try something new?

1. To be patient with themselves and their progress and to not compare their journey with that of others.

2. To people looking to get more active and struggle with traditional exercise, skating is the absolute best physical activity because it makes a rigorous exercise so much fun and enjoyable. I have never felt freer than when I am rollerskating and experiencing the outdoors while gliding on eight wheels heightens the experience for me. 

3. Never be afraid of failing or not being good at first. With any new experience, it will take time to get the hang of it (especially something so alien as having wheels under your shoes) but once you've mastered it, it can be (and will be) so rewarding. That's a promise!

4. Learn from the pros and invest in your passion as much as you can, either through education or better gear.

5. Start journaling! I recorded my entire journey and looking back at where I started and seeing my progress was very encouraging and gave me the push I needed to keep going. 

Q: How does Notabag fit your active lifestyle?

I am always looking for accessories that complement my movement practice and adapt to rollerskating with ease. It’s the perfect beach bag for my shorter skate sessions that end with a dip in the ocean.

Let's all give Frances some encouragement as she skates towards her 2000 miles goal!

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