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Welcome to our Retail Lounge! A place where you can learn more about Notabag and our products. Here you will find relevant documents, product and lifestyle images, videos, and access to our B2B portal where you can place your order.

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The Notabag product portfolio—Part 1
The Notabag product portfolio—Part 2
How to use a Notabag
How to fold a Notabag
How to use a Duffel
The Notabag story

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New product: Crossbody: New Colors 2023 
New product: Notabag x Petra Eriksson Special Edition 

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Crossbody: New Colors 2023 product images (updated 25.07.2023) 
Crossbody: New Colors 2023 lifestyle images (updated 25.07.2023) ↓

Notabag x Petra Eriksson Special Edition product images (updated 15.03.2023) 
Notabag x Petra  Special Edition lifestyle images (updated 15.03.2023) 


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Das Notabag-Produktportfolio – Teil 1

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Das Notabag-Produktportfolio – Teil 2

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So verwendest du Notabag

Wie man Notabag faltet

Wie benutzt man Duffel?

Die Notabag-Story